Replica Marni Pannier Leather Small Bucket Bag



Replica Marni Handbags, like CÉLINE, is a brand that is effortless and effortless. It doesn’t have to be too hard, it can be easy to stop. Marni is not the kind of brand that goes up to the star network red, down to the general public, but there are still a large number of loyal fans, and the loved ones are rushing, they are not even willing to show off.

At the beginning of the birth, Replica Marni Bags has won the favor of a group of Kochi women, because that is what they need most, which allows them to easily create a fashionable and not kitsch shape. This MARNI Pannier Leather Small Bucket Bag light blue bucket bag is especially suitable for young people. This style has several colors, brown is also recommended color, very versatile fashion, and quite comfortable, free and pragmatic, is Consuelo Castiglioni Give Marni the design philosophy.

Replica Marni Handbags

I used this week to find that this bag is really low-key but has a sense of design, absolutely not uncommon. So I want to share my thoughts, and my first article is dedicated to Replica Marni Bags. In fact, the tangled color dragged on for a while, and finally gave up the white color of the color handle, and chose the black handle.

Replica Marni Handbags

Seeing that it is pure white, the actual feeling is white, not pure white! But it does not affect my love for her. The edge banding is dark green, and there is a small wallet that can’t be disassembled in the bag. You can put the card and change! For practical reasons, because the bag itself is not large, and the bracelet is fixed and hard, the practicality of the Replica Marni Bags bucket bag can not be compared with other buckets, but it is quite capable of loading, daily small pieces such as The key phone hand cream spray is not a problem. But if you are a big bag of people who are used to drinking various items of umbrellas, you are not suitable for this replica bag tote!

Replica Marni Handbags

Then, after a weekend break at home, I decided to try to match a few sets of clothes and found that no matter how dark or light, ladies casual sports, skirt trousers, spring and winter, small bags can be very good control, how to take a good look Universal style!

Last year, I saw the white bracelet of this bucket bag with caramel color, but I can’t help but know that it’s already in 2016. I can’t buy it at all. The late caramel color bracelet is not a special color. Wait, wait, it’s getting ugly. I always wanted a marni bucket bag and I was waiting for it for almost a year.

Replica Marni Handbags

Marni’s most famous organ bag trunk has been gaining attention since 2014 and has also gained a lot of fans for the Marni brand. Marni’s design has always been relatively simple, with a bit of literary atmosphere, and a not too cold sex style. This style is also perfectly displayed on the Trunk bag. The design is very eye-catching, and it belongs to the more you like it, the more you look at it.