Replica Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas KIMONO Bag



It is very eye-catching, is not it? The new Kimono Handbag Monogram canvas and the perfect combination of exquisite calfskin, and presented rivet pattern effect. Why is it called “Kimono”? The name suggests a V-cross pattern, inspired by the Japanese robes. Long leather Toron handle the series using the brand’s most purely historical heritage, and unique inspiration metal V word from publicity focus and flawless edge staining techniques Kimono brand has long been though a large capacity, but extremely lightweight.
From the oldest to the newest elements of style, how each one feel special fire, and a casual look, these designs are sure will continue in 2016 became popular. In fact, plainly, Replica Louis Vuitton Handbags is now the most powerful two elements, through a variety of new and old models Louis Vuitton bag, and today we took a look at these two elements of the 2015 Louis Vuitton’s most successful.

For a long time, luxury goods sector regarded Monogram single product, that is, those with the brand logo printed bags are used as entry-level single product, that is the primary consumers love these luxury items, as the consumer more more, some senior consumer preferences will no longer be able to see them a single product brand identity of. However, in 2015, Replica Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas KIMONO Bag M40460 Noir this box is completely broken, especially the classic Louis Vuitton presbyopia, you will find that not only consumers but also senior scrambling to buy back to the old flowers stamped bags, those the most fashionable street beat up old people have to spend as a fashion trend to match their style into being.


Monogram presbyopia small box Petite Malle became the most popular models during Fashion Week, where new classic small box Petite Malle limelight immeasurable, especially the old flowers and red two seems to have become recognized as a small box classic color, naturally stable stable ground Louis Vuitton 2015 years of Christmas brochure. The Pallas lower left of the figure is the pursuit of practical people a very sought after package, unlike most of the old section of the package only flower prints and plain handle, Pallas has a touch of color to enhance the very texture, red wine and red style the most popular. Inside Pallas has a very useful feature layered, it is suitable for professional women.

There are two presbyopia package shall burst fire in 2015, one is already out of the Metis Pochette, it was wrapped powder are called the most difficult section of the package available. All aspects of the design size, shoulder strap, handles, etc. are just good, very practical, but also very good with the price is not expensive, but also back out with a little retro style.

Another Palm Spring Backpack Although it is early autumn’s new, but in fact is the most simple all the old flower pattern bag. Although very basic, but in fact some of the details of the place, like the shoulder strap, handle and stitching are very particular about the design, shows a younger feeling. Then show a diagram released when it has been popular. Many girls have been unhappy not buy a practical and stylish small bag, this just to meet everyone’s needs, but the old flower pattern and forever, but when.


Replica Louis Vuitton Handbags presbyopia now there is a particularly popular branch of totem series, are very basic style, add some decorative details, comparison overhangs color, this series is especially the fire Messenger packet and small leather products, very popular fashion trend favorite.

The totem series also on the 2015 Christmas Do not book, the latest series of color is burgundy red and blue, the same design as the tunnel two small eyes. A variety of new ways to spend this year is the old fire, but in fact most of these classic presbyopia luggage and travel series as well as a variety of small leather goods never seems to not fire too. Small leather goods have to say in this particular series of 2015 Christmas, this Christmas has not come yet, it has been sold out everywhere can not wait. This cartoon design small leather goods series a few years ago turned out, is also popular, especially the passport holder and purse most worthy of starting their own do not give it away is also very good, but these two are the best selling, New York the store has sold out.

In addition to the old flowers, signs new Replica Louis Vuitton bag design section is designed to catch all kinds of LV letters, brochures on light Christmas there are four different designs, some more ladies, some more practical, some are more stylish and interesting. Today to a good summary. Capucines fact Needless to say, single-handle design with large openings is the atmosphere, coupled with the most advanced materials and use, is definitely the preferred lady package. There are mini BB models, more suitable for young people.

Capucines latch there is a powerful place, there is a small lid, there is a Louis Vuitton flowers above, where sometimes reluctant to expose LV letters buckle, put a small lid cover, really quite nice, especially mini No. BB only light blue orange oil side, too cute.

Say fashion, Fashion Week Street beat Apart from a small box is up to more than a Twist, the LV letters buckle design is very clever, gently turn, L proceeds to V, the package opens. Twist the name that way. For the moment, Twist most popular color in the drawing to the left of the blue jeans. Louise also looks LV Two-letter design, but it is sucked magnetic stud on, it is easy to use, they can do just the size of a packet shoulder, also can do handbag, many stars have used. Louise looks more upscale, there are leather cowhide bright skin and glossy two choices.

Compared shoulder, Louise handbags do look better. A popular trend this year is to use the package with a package made handbag chain, chains do not accept to go, so exposed, it has a very cool feeling. Louise metal chain in addition to style, there are lovely walking wind Louise PM Strap. Huge LV letters buckle and leather bag same. This package is often a pink, pale yellow color of these more tender, it is suitable for young people, new prices are Louis Vuitton bag models in the count good.

Finally, a LV letters buckle design is the second-generation Lock me, also rotating deduction, but only turn the middle point on it, the design section of the package is very angular Founder, metal plating is also very bright platinum, the whole package looks full of British gas, British gas with a point, it is suitable for women in the workplace.