Replica Lady Dior Small Bag Apricot Patent Leather (Golden Hardware)



When you think of a classic bag, how many bags would you think of? No doubt, most people will think of Lady Replica Dior Handbags. The Lady Dior bag represents an ultimate elegance that can be used as a premium day bag and a perfect evening bag to pair with an evening gown. Today, Mr. Bao took everyone to fully analyze Lady Replica Dior Bags. Maybe you have a Lady Dior, but you don’t really understand it.

What is the design of Lady Dior body? This classic pattern is called Cannage. Everyone expects to see this pattern on many of Replica Dior Handbags. In fact, it was inspired by the Napoleon III chair! Didn’t expect that two things that were far apart also produced sparks.

Replica Dior Handbags

Lady Replica Dior Handbags Small Bag Apricot Patent Leather (Golden Hardware) 9602 must have the best craftsmanship. Lady Dior is made through 95 steps, with two short handles and a shoulder strap. Sheepskin is usually used as a compartment in the place where the bag is closed. The metal zipper component is very heavy and feels good. The uppercase English alphabet DIOR metal pendant is it The only decoration.

Through a variety of processes, the screened leather is dyed by various treatments and then cut into dozens of small pieces of leather with the same size as the parts of the handbag. The craftsmen will pack each piece of leather belonging to different parts on the surface of the mold to ensure that each Lady Dior bag is exactly the same size and shape to minimize the error.

Replica Dior Handbags

Three Lady Dior (S): about 18cm wide, about 15cm high, about 6cm deep. It is the most compact, cute and cute, especially suitable for evening wear. In different years and seasons, Replica Dior Bags will also launch a special style of Lady Dior, often with more sophisticated ornate designs.

Five Lady Dior (medium): width of about 24cm, height of about 20cm, depth of about 11cm. The medium Lady Dior is generally considered to be the most popular and is Lady Dior’s most iconic size. Girls of different heights, builds, and ages can try this size to match different feelings.

Replica Dior Handbags

Seven Lady Dior (Large): about 32cm wide, about 25cm high, about 12cm deep. Seven size is more suitable for tall girls, more casual than the small size of Lady Dior.

This year, Lady Dior introduced the most popular thick shoulder straps of the moment. Each shoulder strap is lined with patterns or patterns composed of different materials and elegantly wrapped. The overall feel is exquisite and elegant. Recently, Korean star Lin Yun-er has carried this on his back. She did not carry the thick shoulder straps back, but instead she hugged her on the bag. This exquisite shoulder strap and three-dimensional lambskin Lady Dior is a perfect match, with a simple skirt to attend important occasions, this bag only shines.