Chloe Faye Medium Flap Shoulder Bag Motty Gray



And a most suitable for autumn with bag style, Chloe home every year there must be a number of goddesses have the replica tote bag section, if last year is the most popular chloe pig bag, that this year must be a faye called coloe replica tote bag money, Replica Chloe Bags Bohemian fashion will be fully deduced, the iconic metal round button “Faye” series of bags into the stars of the people of the staff of a dress of the new favorite, the goddess of high round is the Chloe bag is love A single day, wearing it to get married, take the red carpet, out of the street anytime, anywhere, leaving Chloe new Faye bag, the United States and others!

Replica Chloe Handbags Faye Medium Flap Shoulder Bag Motty Gray, of course, mainly in the material pattern of color changes, Chloe faye bags have a landmark circle The python skin material and crocodile pattern embossed tannage, there are colorful splicing patterns, but also showed a strong exotic, but also a lot of money, Bohemian wind blowing!

Replica Chloe Handbags

This season’s Replica Chloe Handbags shows the thick Bohemian wind, full of retro style and color, round button “Faye” is to become the most important focus, compared to the small pig treasure round, Chloe Faye Then the use of angular design, rectangular, trapezoidal shape of this geometric not only to attract those who have the personality of the young girl, often can not bring back those who are not fashionable fashion nostalgic feelings of nostalgia. Chloe Faye emits a different kind of glory and temperament, so fans, no wonder the goddess who are a hand!

Replica Chloe Bags Faye series of three more common are: medium medium, Small trumpet and mini mini. Chloe Faye can be so called in the seemingly rules of the design, decent trapezoidal design touched not only those who tend to strong girls, even 60 years of life to see this design will bring back the young fashion feelings, Take the characteristics of your hands are always the most proud of the plaything. At present it is very important for a popular element: metal ring. The beginning of the metal ring appeared in the Chloe Faye in 2015, red, and later appeared in addition to a lot of pieces with a metal ring replica tote bag . And now, the metal ring not only in the bag, also appeared in the shoes. Especially the Muller shoes, Lok fu shoes, this style is very much, there have been explosive domestic trend!

Replica Chloe Handbags

Another metal ring fashion highlights, is the belt or zipper, Dora more like the belt on the metal ring, very fashionable. Then when the metal ring is no longer a decoration on the bag, but directly replace the handle, turned into a metal handle – although last year’s show field there, such as Marni this, but silly big silly big , Can not back.

This year Replica Chloe Handbag out of the bracelet replica tote bag , called Nile, divided into two styles, one is the saddle bag + metal ring, the other is a half moon + metal ring. Saddle bag style is particularly suitable for pants, although also with a leather shoulder strap, but really is a direct grasp of the bracelet look better. Than the saddle section but also sought-after, that is, a half-moon Hong Kong really, because the first saw the domestic female star street shot, did not think this replica tote bag look good ah. Until later I saw some very beautiful skirt with this replica tote bag look.

In fact, before and after Zara also has a metal bracelet replica tote bag , mainly to the larger tote models. Compared to Replica Chloe Bag out of the saddle and half moon, Zara this kind of handsome a lot, in fact, are also quite good ride.

Replica Chloe Handbags

What stars are the loyal fans of this style? This small size also love! With a loose bat shirt with the same color suede high heels, thick Bohemian style. Russian ladies Elena Perminova chose the high degree of fashionable wide leg pants, covered with seductive milk color, crocodile pattern Faye super texture! Fashion owner Aimee Song mixed color fur is a very eye-catching single product. With the python skin splicing Faye, gives some sense of disorder, pure color models should be more reconciled. Fashion blogger Camille Charriere shape more beautiful, pointed heels in this play a replacement role, the more prominent is the people of the water Faye handbags, with a casual coat can also make your fashionable degree turned over children! Elena hands to take the 2015 spring and summer series launched Faye, chocolate-colored suede calfskin with the same color high waist pants to create retro temperament, and group colors to match another camel coat, modeling, whether from the plan as fashionable level great.